Twin Sided Classic Gel Jump pad – Acavallo

Cod. W-U-AC270

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The Acavallo Twin Sided Classic Gel Jump pad numnah full sheepskin edge offers the advantage of having a double layer of Acavallo® anti-slip and anti-shock therapeutic Gel in both its faces, both in contact with the horse’s skin and in contact with the saddle; this allows the under-saddle to stick perfectly to both parts avoiding any unexpected movement.
The edge of the saddle pad is covered in Acavallo Sheepskin, a natural material that does not cause allergies, very soft and delicate, and perfectly suited to prevent chafing, abrasions and blisters.
The benefits of the Sheepskin, combined with the Gel, allow to give a great boost from the aesthetic point of view to the traditional pads Acavallo in Gel.

The low profile of this gel ensures no excessive bulk between horse and saddle to distort the fit, and combined with a luxurious non-crease brush cotton fabric make this a stunning square pad.

These features make the under-saddle the result of a perfect combination of stability, shock absorption and aesthetics.

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